"As a working mom, I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that my child is going to a place every day that nurtures him, embraces him as an individual, and teaches him both classroom and life lessons. They make a personal investment to get to know him, what he likes and then ask him about those things on a regular basis. They make learning fun for the kids and because it's fun, our son loves it. He comes home each day telling us what he did, what he learned and about the all of the fun he's had.

The friendships that he has created at Sweet Pea are like no other frienship that I have ever seen. At three years old, he is making friends that he will have for many years.

Our family has been so fortunate to be a part of the Sweet Pea community. The staff have done an amazing job to create a sense of belonging for both parents and kids. Dropping him off everyday, I know that he is safe and around people who genuinely care about him."

Jamie H. - Boulder, Colorado

"We absolutely love Sweet Pea! Our three year old daughter is in Miss Jessica's class and has been for three days a week since the fall of 2011. Prior to her enrollment, she was attending an in home day care with no stuctured curriculum. Since she started coming to Sweet Pea, we have noticed impressive gains in her social and academic skills. She LOVES her time at school and all of the wonderful people who work there.

As parents and educators in District 12, we really appreciate that the curriculum is thoughful, age appropriate, engaging and aligned with District 12 standards. In addition to the academic portion of her time there, the staff and students at Sweet Pea spend time in service learning by adopting soldiers and helping needy families in the area."

Matt and Amie O. - Thornton, Colorado